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PAC@Thailand TESOL 35th International Conference

English Language Education in Asia: Reflections and Directions
Thailand TESOL now invites all those working in the field of English Language Teaching or related areas to participate in the 35th Thailand TESOL International Conference on January 29-31, 2015 at the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the conference is “English Language Education in Asia: Reflections and Directions.” Not only do you have a great opportunity to explore ELT in Thailand, but also in Asia and throughout the world. Our goal is to stage a forum for in-depth discussions and debates that will promote innovative classroom practices for the benefit of English language learners.


The initial response of the English language teaching (ELT) profession to the challenges it faced was to explore new directions in methodology. It was assumed that, in order to satisfy the changing needs of language learners, more up-to-date instructional practices and research that promoted student learning through student-driven and instructor-guided processes were needed to reflect the latest understanding of the nature of language and of language learning. In today’s globalized era, however, language learning contexts have become so diverse that reflection on the part of practitioners and students must play a pivotal role in setting new directions as well as directing future changes in ELT. Those involved in the ELT profession are well aware of the perils of change without reflection.
To that end, this conference hopes to offer key ingredients and procedures which will serve as pragmatic models of pedagogical and research directions in ELT. Reflective ideas from seasoned teaching professionals and students of ELT are powerful means to inform the direction of effective teaching and learning.


In keeping with the above rationale, the aims of the Thailand TESOL 2015 conference are:
1) to offer a scholarly platform for both Thai and international teachers, from pre-service teacher trainees to veterans, to reflect on their ideas about English Education in order to enhance their understanding of past, present, and future directions of ELT;
2) to promote and disseminate new research contributions and information about teachers’ experiences in order to strengthen teaching and learning in current and future classrooms for teachers, teacher educators, and policy makers;
3) to foster and enhance discussion, reflection and network-building that will assist professional teachers to more fully participate as integrated members of their respective home countries’ English language teaching communities.

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