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Thailand TESOL Membership Registration

Read the following terms and conditions carefully before starting the registration process


1. Please fill in all the information required in the application form, otherwise the system will not allow you to complete the registration.
2. All the information filled in the form will be stored in the ThailandTESOL database for the purpose of registration only.
3. The benefits you will receive once you apply for ThailandTESOL membership are as follows:
  3.1 free access to ThailandTESOL newsletters and publications which are:
    a) ThailandTESOL Magazine, "New Focus" (twice a year)
    b) ThailandTESOL Journal (twice a year) 
    c) ThailandTESOL Proceeding (once a year) 
  3.2 member-rate admission to ThailandTESOL annual conferences, both national and international ones.
  3.3 discounted admission to ThailandTESOL events, projects and trainings.
  3.4 advance information on ThailandTESOL conferences, events, projects and trainings.
  Remarks: If you do accept terms and conditions stated above, please click ‘accept’ to begin the registration process.

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